Bill Goldstein, PresidentBill Goldstein
tein, President

Bill has 30 years experience in computer and database businesses, with the last 10 focused on the internet and e-commerce.

He completed his undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College and his graduate work at McGill University. Starting as a computer programmer in the 1970's, he founded Compusearch (now operating as Pitney Bowes/Mapinfo). His business career includes the development of a number of highly successful enterprises, culminating in the growth of Carfax from an infant firm with four employees to one of the most successful businesses on the internet.

He recently 'retired' from the high-pressure business world and is focusing his efforts on website development and marketing. He stays up-to-date on technology through his own web design efforts, and maintains a presence in the corporate environment through his involvement with several Corporate and Advisory Boards, including Environics Analytics and the Columbia Journalism Review website. Bill brings a unique knowledge of the internet, business, and marketing to his trade.

He has successfully combined his corporate experience and love of dogs into Ruffhousedesign.com. Our clients are a virtual Who's Who of the canine world, including world renowned Susan Garrett's Say Yes Dog Training and New York based "Snapdogs".

While Ruffhousedesign "operates" out of Whistler, British Columbia, modern communications allows us to serve clients anywhere. We currently have customers coast-to-coast, from Whistler to New Brunswick in Canada, and from Los Angeles to New York City in the United States.

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