Ruffhousedesign’s Online Registration System is a fully integrated, web based system designed to accept, process, and manage registrations to seminars, courses, camps, or any other calendar based events.  It is easy to use, affordable, customized to each client’s web site, accessible from any computer connected to the internet, and has proven itself to save clients hundreds of hours of work a year. At the same time, the user interface is clean and simple, and leads to increased participation in events.


If you have a membership base, or simply want to make registering for your courses easier for your customers, a membership database can be set up. Users can "join" once, and their information is automatically entered every time they register for a class or seminar. As well, you can easily stay in contact with your members via e-mail and newsletters.

The heart of the sytem allows you to easily set up courses and seminars, and for users to register on-line with just a few mouse clicks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The forms are intuitive, and are part of your own website. Your customers ARE NOT sent to a third party site, which many systems do. Payment can also be processed immediately on-line.

For you, the system will save many hours and put all the information you need at your fingertips, from any computer connnected to the internet. In an instant, you can see how many people are registered for each course. Contacting them by e-mail to either remind them to pay (if you are not using on-line payments), or just to give them any further information about the course or seminar, is only a mouse click away.

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