Every site is totally unique. We do not use "templates", nor do we take a cookie cutter approach. We start from scratch with every project, and work closely with you. It is not possible to give an exact quote until we know exactly what you are looking for. However, we have provided some guidelines below. We will be pleased to provide you with a more detailed quote if you will take the time to click on the link at the bottom of this page. All prices are in Canadian dollars.


The design and development is the hardest part of the project to estimate without knowing your needs. However, the sites shown on our Portfolio page were all developed for between $500 and $3,000.

Hosting alone is available starting at $25/month. This includes enough disk storage and bandwidth to accommodate most small to medium sized businesses.

Updating and maintenance is $55/hour. Many of our sites are maintained using well under an hour, and sites that require significant updating are usually designed so that the client can do much of the updating directly.





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