We offer a complete range of web development services, starting with planning and continuing through to regular updating and maintenance. You can use our entire range of services, or choose from any of the individual stages. While many clients use our complete package, others, who may already have a site developed, have asked us just to provide updating and maintenance. Whatever your needs, we guarantee satisfaction.


A good web site starts with planning. We will work closely with you, either in person or by phone and e-mail, to establish your needs. We will ask you the right questions to determine what assets (photos, text) are needed. We will also provide you with a firm price quote at the planning stage.

We will provide you with at least two choices of a "look". This will include your page layouts, logos, color schemes, and navigation buttons. As well, if you don't already have a web address, we will work with you to find one that fits your business. If you don't like the initial look or have modifications, we'll keep at it until you are satisfied.


Once we have your go-ahead, we will start developing your site. However, you will not be kept in the dark. We will develop your site on our own web server, and you will have constant access to see how it is coming, and to provide us input during the development process.

When your site is finished, we will take the lead in launching it. This includes submitting your site to the major search engines, helping you establish links on other relevant sites, and conducting e-mail campaigns to your existing clients and prospects.

We can also host your site at a very affordable price. Access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As well, the 'bandwidth' is extremely high, guaranteeing your customers fast access and viewing of your site.

The most important service we offer is regular and timely updating and maintenance. A site that is out-of-date is worse than having no site at all. We will update your site daily, or give you access to easily update parts of your site on your own. Most updates are done within 24 hours of receiving them. We will guarantee you a site that is vibrant and alive.



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